Evidence Based Practice

What do we mean by Evidence?

Evidence-based practice/care is simply that, practice/care that is based on evidence.

By evidence, we mean synthesizing (a combination of):

Research and Development

Research is an activity designed to produce new, information and/or test a hypothesis (not audit or service evaluation, though there is some overlap). Development is concerned with getting new ideas into use. The NHS Forth Valley Research and Development Department can provide information and guidance related to research proposals.

Library Services

NHS Forth Valley Library Services contribute to patient care through the provision and management of information to support evidence-based practice and personal development for all staff across NHS Forth Valley.

Scottish Health Service Centre (SHSC) Health Management Library supports quality improvement by providing library facilities free to NHS staff in Scotland. Services include a literature searching and a loan, photocopying and document delivery service.

The Knowledge Network provides high quality and knowledge support for health and social care by providing access to information and learning resources. The knowledge network supports quality improvement and patient safety by providing rapid, online knowledge support. Users can access comprehensive databases of abstracts, fulltext articles, systematic reviews, guidelines, e-books and e-journals. There are links to virtual, topic focused, knowledge networks and other information, and online tutorials explaining how to use the e-library.

Key sources include

Further Useful Information