Acute Clinical Guidelines

Acute Medicine

ABCDE (Acute Medical Guideline)
Adult ALS Algorithm (Acute Medical Guideline)
Anaphylactic Reaction (Acute Medical Guideline)
Anaphylactic Reaction - Tryptase samples (Acute Medical Guideline)
Paracetamol Poisoning - please refer to Toxbase
Tachycardia Algorithm (Acute Medical Guideline)
Antibiotic Prescribing

Antibiotic Guidance (Acute Medical Guideline)
Gentamicin Calculator
Gentamicin Prescription and Administration Chart
SAB Algorithm
Vancomycin Calculator
Vancomycin Intermittent Infusion Prescription Administration and Monitoring Chart
Area Wide

Integrated Admission Transfer and Discharge Policy - Adult Services
Integrated Admission Transfer Discharge Guidance Document - Adult Services

Hypercalcaemia (Acute Medical Guideline)
Malignant Spinal Cord Compression - Acute Medical Guideline
Neutropenic Sepsis - Acute (Acute Medical Guideline)
Superior Vena Cava Obstruction - Acute Medical Guideline

Management of Symptomatic Bradycardia in FVRH
Central Nervous System

Meningitis (Acute Medical Guidlines)
Diabetes / Endocrine

Acute Hypocalcaemia in Adults
Adrenal Insufficiency (Acute Medical Guidelines)
DKA Pathways
Emergency Surgery for Patients with Diabetes
Help - What insulin should I use
HHS (previously known as HONK)
Hypoglycaemia (Acute Medical Guideline)
Insulin Administration in Hospital
Management of New Diabetes in CAU-AAU
Safe Use of Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusions(CSII) in Inpatients
Thyroid Storm (Acute Medical Guidelines)
Falls/ Fracture Prevention/ Bone Health

Fragility Fracture Prescribing Guidance in patients 50-74 years
Fragility Fracture Prescribing Guidance in patients over 75 years

Albumin Policy (Acute Medical Guideline)
Esomeprazole in Adults - High Dose Intravenous

Anticoagulation Chart (Acute Medical Guideline)
Massive Haemorrhage Protocol Forth Valley Royal (Acute Medical Guideline)
PCC for Oral Anticoagulant Reversal (Acute Medical Guideline)
Risk Assessment Tool for Prophylaxis of Venous Thromboembolism
Rivaroxaban for DVT and Pulmonary Embolism in Adults
Rivaroxaban for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation
Venous Thrombosis & Travel (Acute Medical Guideline)
Maternity Labour Ward

Diagnosis Management of Suspected VTE in pregnancy
Mental Health

Emergency Sedation

CT Head Pathway for Suspicious Headache
Suspected Papilloedema Pathway
Pharmacy / Prescribing

Investigation and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency in Adults

Acute Kidney injury
Care of Haemodialysis Patients
Hyperkalaemia (Acute Medical Guideline)
Management of Emergencies in Renal Dialysis Unit

Asthma (Acute Medical Guideline) UNDER REVIEW
BIPAP (Acute Medical Guideline)
BIPAP - Quick Reference Guide (Acute Medical Guideline)
Bronchoscopy (Acute Medical Guideline)
Chest Drains (Acute Medical Guideline)
Community Acquired Pneumonia Care Bundle
COPD - Acute Exacerbation Management
Emergency Oxygen Guideline in Adults
Pleural Effusion (Acute Medical Guideline)
Pneumonia - Community Acquired
Pneumonia - Hospital Acquired
Pneumothorax - Aspiration (Acute Medical Guidelines)
Pnuemothorax - Spontaneous Non-Tension
Pneumothorax - Tension (Acute Medical Guidelines)
Pulmonary Embolism Management in Secondary Care
Pulmonary Nodules - Management of Pulmonary Nodules
Treatment Protocol for Omalizumab
Stroke / TIA

Acute Stroke Guideline
- Thrombolysis Anaphylaxis Management
- Thrombolysis Clinical Guidance
- Thrombolysis Extracranial Haemorrhage Management
- Thrombolysis How to Administer rtPA
- Thrombolysis Intracranial Haemorrhage Management
- Thrombolysis Nursing Protocol
- Thrombolysis Nursing Summary
Substance Misuse

Hospital Management of Alcohol Withdrawal (Emergency Dept and Inpatient Setting)
Watershed Conditions

Agreed Conditions
National Guidelines...

Scottish Stroke Nursing Forum VTE Guidance
SIGN 108 - Management of Patients with Stroke or TIA - Current 3 -7yrs Some recommendations may be out of date
SIGN 118 - Management of Patients with Stroke : Rehabilitation, Complications and Discharge Planning-Current 3 -7yrs Some recommendations may be out of date
SIGN 119 - Management of patients with Stroke - Dysphagia-Current 3 -7yrs Some recommendations may be out of date
Resuscitation Guidelines - Resuscitation Council UK

A clinical guideline is not intended to serve as a standard of care or be applicable in every situation. Decisions regarding the treatment of individual patients must be made by the clinician in light of the presenting clinical condition and with reference to current good medical practice. This page contains a range of guidelines across medical specialties previously provided in the acute medical guidelines handbook

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