How Can We Help?

The role of NHS Forth Valley Quality Improvement Support Service is to support our healthcare providers to deliver care and services that are continually improving. Following a request from the Organisation or Service for quality improvement support, we provide objective advice and assistance to the structure of work to be done, recommending the best action steps or improvement changes. In the majority of cases it is expected that the implementation of the recommended actions is the requesting services responsibility.

What does assistance mean?

Just that. We do not do all of the work for you but offer only the level of assistance required in a partnership approach, ensuring that the activity belongs to the group or individual responsible for it. This may mean help with working out how to start or being more involved, depending on level of input agreed.

There are a range of skills and support we can offer including:

  • Pinpointing sources of evidence, information and improvement tools
  • Guideline development
  • Project planning and management
  • Designing data collection tools, data analysis and report writing
  • Abstract writing and poster development
  • Gathering patient experience
  • Facilitation, including process mapping and focus groups
  • Capacity and Capability training and development
  • Obtaining health records for QI initiatives

A guide to the Quality Improvement Support Service is available here.

We advise anyone thinking of starting a project to contact us as soon as possible. For further information or if you are unsure if we can help then Contact Us.

If you have a project you are planning Register It Here.